A WordPress theme is easy to install. This installation includes two steps – Uploading the theme and activating theme. You can either upload the theme ZIP file using WordPress dashboard (Recommended) or you can upload the unzipped theme folder using FTP. Once the theme is uploaded, you can activate it from your WordPress installation dashboard.

Download your purchased theme ZIP file and extract it. In the extracted folder, you will find one ZIP file called Ebigale-Installer.zip. The is the file that you will need to upload using any of the following 2 methods:

Method 1: Using WordPress Dashboard

This is the recommended way to install WordPress Themes. You need to follow next steps:

1. Login to your WordPress admin panel.

2. Navigate to Appearance -> Themes.

3. Click on Add New button at the top.

4. Click on Upload Theme button.

5. Click on Browse and select the Ebigale-Installer.zip file from within the extracted folder.

6. Click on Install Now button.

7. Wait for the upload process to finish and then click on Activate.

Method 2: Via FTP

If you would like to install the theme using FTP, you need to follow next steps:

1. Extract the Ebigale-Installer.zip file into a folder.

2. Sign in to your web server using FTP client.

3. Now upload the extracted folder to /wp-content/themes/ directory.

4. Once the upload process is complete, navigate to Appearance -> Themes.

5. Now look for Ebigale and click on Activate.