When you activate Ebigale for the first time, it will look very simple. This is expected, because Ebigale needs you to apply some  settings before it will look like the demo.

Optionally, you may install our Demo Data, which will populate your site with the pages and posts you see on our live demo. This can can help you a lot in setting your new site. Once you get your site setup, you may delete demo data.

Before starting to import our demo content, it is recommended to create a backup of your site. Also, make sure that you have all required plugins installed and activated.

Onboarding Import

After installing and activating the theme a pop-up will appear to help you populate your site with the pages and posts you see on our live demo. 

1.The first step is introduction.


2. The second step will help you install your child theme. More about Child Theme

3. The third step will install all required plugins.

4. The fourth step will help you import the content that you’ve seen on our live demo.

5. All done, simpler than ever!


Manual Import

In zip that you downloaded from ThemeForest, you will find a folder which contains a file demo-content.xml. You can install this XML file by going to Tools → Import → WordPress and click Install Now.

After installing you need to click Choose File button and upload the xml file. When the demo data has been imported, you will have several new posts and pages.