Ebigale fully support Customizer and live-preview all your changes. You can acces Theme Options in Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options.

We highly recommend to use these options, because Ebigale most powerful features depends on Theme Options



In this section you can manage First Post Big, Floating Sidebar, Back to Top Button, Scroll Reveal, First Letter Overlay and select your favorite Page Loader, Button Style and Featured Categories. See also How to choose featured categories.


Here you can personalize your blog header. You can change Header Type, you can make your Header Sticky. Also you can hide elements like Search Icon and Social Networks.



Slider is one of the main features from Ebigale, but if you don’t want to use it, you can disable it from Slider Section. Also, you can choose between 4 layouts: Contain, Full, Carousel and Centered. More information you can read in the Slider section.


Homepage & Archive

In this section, you can personalize your Home Page Layout and Archive Layout.

You can also enable or disable sidebar and choose his position.

As well, you can select your favorite Posts Navigation and manage 3 Columns, Date Meta, Author Meta, Reading Time Meta, Comments Meta, Read More Button.

Social Networks

Here, you can enable which social networks you are using, completing just your username.

About Me


Ebigale is very flexible, this is why you can enable disable almost everything. You can show only what you and your audience want. In Article Section, you can enable or disable next things: Category, Date, Author, Reading Time, Comments, Dropcap, Progress Bar, Featured Image, Tags, Author Box, Related Posts, Posts Navigation, Sidebar, Post Likes, Post Views and Share Buttons. Also, you can choose what Sharing Services you want to use.


Also, in this section you can enable Parallax on Featured Image and choose which Article Layout do you prefer.




In Footer Section you can change copyright text.



Ebigale is a WordPress theme, created special for your needs. This is why, in Colors section, you can change which color do you like.



In Fonts Section, you can change font families for: Body, Headings and Navbar. Our theme is using Google Fonts, so you can chose from over 600 fonts.

Style Presets

In this section, you can choose between 8 Style Presets designed specifically to suit your preferences.

Here's a little preview